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Hand sewn from a delicate soft stretch lace and carefully hand dyed to the perfect 'colour'. Effortless hook & loop with gold detailing in the back. Adjustable straps for ultimate comfort. But most importantly, lace cups that are specifically designed to give you the perfect shape.

High waisted undies

Made by hand with love.

The 'name' bottoms were designed to define the femininity in all of us. They are delicate to the touch and wear like a dream. The soft stretch lace allows for a smooth fit and provides immense comfort as it morphs to your shape. They can be worn high on the waist, or mid-way from waist to hip depending on your preference.

Whether it's a night in binge watching your favourite series or dressing up to impress a love interest. The 'name' bottoms are made for every occasion.


The '' bottoms were born from comfort. Simply designed to give you a touch of elegance while forgetting you're even wearing anything at all. Like a lot of Stella Moon's designs, these can be pulled to sit higher on the waist or left to wrap your beautiful hips. Whichever you choose, we're sure you'll be comfortable.


It's time, we can finally throw out our daggy old g-string that has been worn far too much. The '' bottoms were designed to replace that old thing and give you a new sense of femininity. While equally as comfortable, the delicate lace creates a new look to make you feel beautiful at any time of the day.