Stella Moon Intimates was born in Brisbane, Australia over 4 years ago and founded by Designer, Monique Welsh. Since then, it has relocated to the hustle & bustle that is Hong Kong and still operates as an independent small business with Monique at the forefront.

All intimates are designed and lovingly handmade in-house by Monique in her small Hong Kong studio. With ethical and sustainable values in mind, Stella Moon Intimates is built on a slow fashion business model where all pieces are made to order while all lace is ordered in small batches to reduce any fabric or stock wastage at the end of a season, you can read more here

Most importantly, the lack of body-positive content to turn to in her younger years was a great influence in creating the brand. Stella Moon Intimates was created with the main value being to celebrate the diverse bodies of women and to empower them to feel comfortable in their ever-changing, normal bodies. We have been conditioned as a society to feel shame in putting on weight, having stretch marks, cellulite, rolls... but let's face it, we all have them. So why do we tie our worth to the physical appearance of our bodies? The conversation needs to change. Monique wants to stray from the societal standards of beauty and embrace you as you are, through beautifully handcrafted intimates. We've got this.

Growing up with her seamstress Mother, Monique has known her way around a sewing machine since she can remember. Making her first lace bralette and briefs at 16, her love of lace was realised early on, but was persuaded by a more stable career path when finishing her final years of schooling. She went on to study and graduate a Bachelor of Nursing, all the while still designing and sewing in her spare time. Stella Moon Intimates started out as a side-hustle during her final years of University and after graduating and accepting an opportunity to move to Hong Kong, decided to relaunch the brand full-time and hasn't looked back since. She is extremely passionate about the brand that Stella Moon Intimates represents and hopes it will have a lasting impact on body image in Hong Kong.

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